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We represent artists from different parts of the world

Afro Elan represents world music / dance groups and artists from the Netherlands and different parts of the world, for theater shows and festivals in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium.

We have a range of various groups and artists for both large and more intimate theaters and festivals.

The most important source of energy, for us and our artists, is the happiness and satisfaction of the audience. That is why we work tirelessly and passionately, to ensure that all of our performances will create unforgettable moments.

Afro Elan Agency

Afro Elan is a new player in town for tour planning and bookings, but isn’t new to the scene. Founder Georges Soro has more than 30 years of experience in the world music and dance scene. For that reason Afro Elan can move effortlessly through the cultural landscape.

Georges Soro is an artist, percussionist and director. Originally from the Ivory Coast, and since the early 90’s engaged in performances and tour planning for various artists and groups for Dutch theaters and summer festivals throughout Europe.

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